“…rousing from start to finish”

“… the playing is virtually flawless and the recorded sound warm and deep.  Since there have been only a few examples of Christmas music performed by brass choir …this disc is a reminder of how well the two go together.”

“…Lively treatments that make more of the old tunes sound crisp and fresh”
Paul Kresh
New York Times

“Effortless instrumental virtuosity…”
Hi-Fi News & Record Review
London England

“The Galliard Brass Ensemble is a great group; their music is bright, cheerful and engaging; most of all, the members of the ensemble  are excellent showman who interact very well with the audience. “

“Intonation was dead on for each of the players and one could only admire the way they listened and responded to each other in a sort of give and take that many better known brass ensembles would do well to emulate.”
David Reynolds
Ann Arbor News

“Thanks for a terrific concert…  People continue to seek me out and rave about your recent concert!”
Rita Hassert
Morton Arboretum
Lisle Illinois

“These fivesome dazzled the audience with their rousing music of varied types and styles.”
Robert Tewes
Albert Lea (MN) Tribune

“Expert programming by a group that obviously knows what an audience wants”
Tom Evans
The Daily Times
Maryville Tennessee

“Best of all was the spirit of the music, which all that technique and preparation was in the service of. It was strong. It was relaxed, and easy. It was joyful, and seemed to dance. It was full of light, and air.”
Harry Schroeder
Key West Citizen

“Too often ensembles such as this feature flamboyant soloists, each of whom tries to blast away the other. This was not the case with this troupe from Ann Arbor. Here we heard clean chamber ensemble sensitivity to intonation, balance and team effort.”
Robert Tewes
Albert Lea (MN) Tribune

“From the powerful opening to the stirring fugue and the final dramatic ending the performance was outstanding. This was professional brass playing at its finest!.”
Rapid City Journal